Galeries Lafayette: New sustainable concept « Go For Good »

Galeries Lafayette: New sustainable concept « Go For Good »

A step towards sustainability – Galeries Lafayette presents GO FOR GOOD

Galeries Lafayette aims to contribute to sustainable development and social change. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Increasingly accessible, abundant and fast – the fashion industry has undesirable social and environmental consequences. This reality is avoidable: new and sustainable forms of production, distribution, and consumption are constantly being invented and implemented worldwide. As an international player, Groupe Galeries Lafayette has been participating in this responsible transition for several years with concrete actions and will continue to focus more strongly this autumn.

As part of the GO FOR GOOD initiative, the entire group, including Galeries Lafayette Berlin, will raise awareness and raise awareness from 3 September to 12 October 2018. The patron of the action is Stella McCartney. In Berlin, a pop-up area in the new main entrance area Friedrichstraße/ corner Französische Straße will be installed as a platform for sustainability and good living.

Fair and sustainable fashion brands such as Stella McCartney, Armedangels, Save The Duck, VEJA, Atelier Céleste – as well as (socially or ecologically) sustainable brands (including Bash, Chantelle, Seiko, Sessun and many more) designed especially for Galeries Lafayette are presented here.

In addition, in the GO FOR GOOD area, start-ups and brands with a sustainable background will be installed for 6 weeks: – Marsano Vintage Shop, Emmy Electric Scooter, Binu Beauty, Dandelion Organics, Garden State, Branbatia, HOLY GOLDY – SHOWROOM will curate the fashion of the new generation of designers on one platform: Ade Velkon, Ania Kuczyńska, SANIKAI, Studio Miyagi” Kultgut” Rudolf Vienna.

GO FOR GOOD is a movement of Galeries Lafayette for a more social and environmentally conscious trade and fashion, as well as the promotion of local production. It aims to highlight, explain and classify the background of brands sold in stores in order to make fashion more responsible. The campaign is the first approach to show that responsible fashion can be attractive, style and responsibility are not incompatible. Galeries Lafayette has been committed to a responsible development approach for many years, but so far without communication.


Initially, the chain wanted to focus on key issues not visible to customers, such as waste sorting, recycled paper bags, checking the production conditions of its own brands’ products, integration of employees with disabilities, donations of unsold products to associations. Two years ago, the company introduced its own Fashion Integrity product line, which is fully traceable via a QR code. Now is the time to further develop this approach, to communicate about GO FOR GOOD.

For many years, Galeries Lafayette has donated all unsold products to clubs: 90,000 pieces (2017) in the fashion sector, equivalent to 200. 000 meals in the gourmet department – No plastic bags, only recycled paper bags – Own cotton bags – Fashion Integrity: four collections of Galeries Lafayette’s own brand that are sustainably produced – GO FOR GOOD Team: Review of the production facilities of the purchased brands – Climate neutral printing of all flyers and magazines (FSC certified) – Policy to reduce energy consumption and waste separation (cardboard, plastic, waste furniture) – Already 50% recycled paper in the catalogues and the target of 100% in 2018 – Clothing collections in our shops – Planting fruit or vegetables on the roofs of our shops in Paris (almost 3. 000 m²) – gas-powered truck transport to Paris, drastic reduction in product deliveries by plane

These are the first steps in the right direction! The necessary work for fair trade and sustainable products will be further deepened and elaborated in the future. GO FOR GOOD is a collective and determined approach that will be developed much more in the future.


In the course of the GO FOR GOOD manifestation the Galeries Lafayette create experiences through lectures, workshops, and panels:

September 8th
Dandelion Organics: Crafting Table with Childcare* and Breasting
(Open to public)

September 13th
SHOWROOM celebrates ECO – Cocktail 17-20 o’clock
(invitation only)

September 18th, 11 a. m.
Dandelion Organics: Panel on Working Moms x #coolmomsdontjudge

21 September – Shopping Night 20-24 h (open to the public)
– Workshop with Marie Nasemann (FAIRKNALLT): Sustainable shopping
– Garden State Candles Workshop
– Binu Beauty Workshop: “Introduction to Korean Beauty Care/ K-Beauty”:

September 22nd
Dandelion Organics: Crafting Table with Childcare* and Breasting
(Open to public)

27 September 6 pm Q&A Franziska von Hardenberg:
Fireside chat: Dare to jump!
(open to the public)

04. October :
– Dandelion Organics: Q&A with midwife Maria
– Garden State Workshop
(open to the public, registration required)

08 October
Dandelion Organics: Crafting Table with Childcare* and Breasting
(Open to public)

11 October Prana Up Your Life Workshop: Mindful Eating in Everyday Life
(open to the public, registration required)

STELLA McCartney

Style meets a clear conscience: Stella McCartney with her completely sustainable and vegan collections is regarded as a pioneer of ecologically correct luxury fashion. Since 2001, the active animal protectionist convinced vegetarian and environmental activist has been designing under strict ecological and social guidelines. The British designer, who is also the patron of the Go for Green movement at Galeries Lafayette, dispenses with fur, leather, and PVC and instead works with eco Nappa made from vegetable oil, organic cotton or recycled fabrics. Whether sweatpants, jumpsuits or hoodies – McCartney’s trendy slow fashion also attracts stars like Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue or Megan Markle.



Casual T-shirts, print sweaters and cool jeans made of high-quality organic cotton, linen or bamboo: Armedangels proves that trendy design and sustainable materials are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary. The German Eco & Fair Fashion Label, founded in Cologne in 2007 and today one of the most successful and well-known in Europe, meets the modern zeitgeist with its excellently processed eco-collections. Trademark: fair fashion in an urban street-style look, intended for consumers with an awareness of high quality, sustainable fabrics, fair working conditions and transparent supply chains.


SHOWROOM curates the fashion of the new generation of designers on one platform: Edgy looks from Berlin, cool styles from London, feminine fashion from Barcelona – from the studio directly into your wardrobe! All eco-designers at SHOWROOM combine organic materials, manufacturing in Europe, environmentally friendly production, ensuring health use and manufacturing under fair and social conditions.

Brands: Ade Velkon, Ania Kuczyńska, SANIKAI, Studio Miyagi, Kultgut, Rudolf Vienna.


Marie Nasemann

From a lively GNTM finalist to a serious eco-ambassador: Marie Nasemann is currently celebrating success with her blog Fairknallt. Launched at the end of 2016, this platform is all about fair fashion, natural cosmetics, and a sustainable lifestyle. The 29-year-old from Berlin informs about ecologically correct products, writes columns about recyclable materials, recommends vintage shops, educates about quality seals and inspires reflection. A contradiction to her glamorous life as an actress, influencer, and model? “At some point, I didn’t feel comfortable shopping anymore and thought more and more about what I consume and at whose expense it was produced,” says the Munich-born woman. However, the idea for her blog came up in 2013, when a textile factory in Bangladesh collapsed and over a thousand people died. “That’s when I knew I had to change something. ” Since then Marie has preferred clothes from local designers, can be photographed in green fashion, goes shopping more specifically – or simply provides comprehensive information about Fairknallt. Environmental awareness can be this beautiful.


Workshop: Mindful Eating in everyday life The everyday life is full To Do´s in the occupation and in the private life, then the time comes for itself and Self-care sometimes somewhat too briefly. But especially in stressful moments, there is a great chance to come down, to take care of oneself and to establish mindfulness. The sisters and founders of Prana up your life, Jasmin & Josephine show how more energy, composure, and intuition can be brought to life through nutrition.


BINU Beauty

F R I I E N D M A D E I N K O R E A. 2016 it all started: with a bar of natural soap from Korea – a simple, 100% natural face and body soap that did not leave any feeling of tension after washing. For Nami and Katharina it was immediately clear: every bathroom needs something like this. So they decided to make Korean face soaps known in Germany and the world. The idea for BINU was born. This idea has since developed into a small company that produces ecologically, economically and socially. Only 100% natural and highly effective ingredients are used in all products, which are sustainably cultivated and processed. The factory employees are residents of the Damyang region in South Korea and are fairly remunerated for their work.


The label HOLDY GOLDY, founded by Franziska von Hardenberg, presents personalized chains made of gold, 100% HANDMADE in Germany. The beautiful pieces of jewelry additionally combine best quality, good workmanship and an unbeatable price/performance ratio.


The Soya wax candles company “Garden State Candles”, founded in Berlin in 2017, focuses on environmentally conscious and hand-made products. Her logo is inspired by her beloved adopted dog “Louee” and therefore parts of the profit go to support animal shelters worldwide – shopping at “Garden State Candles” is not only worthwhile for her home! Maya, the founder of Garden State Candles accompanies you on this fragrance journey in cooperation with Galeries Lafayette Berlin. During the 90 minute workshop, you will learn the benefits of using a natural & vegan soy wax, essential oils, tips and tricks on blending scents – and customers will also have the chance to create their own scented candle.


Dandelion Organics

Behind the young Berlin company, Löwenzahn Organics are the two lion mums Liz and Carmen. Healthy Ernä̈hrung has always been important to them, but with their first own children the perspective has changed once again: no more compromises, neither in terms of taste nor in terms of Qualitä̈t, Nä̈hrstoffe, and production. Since the offer on the German market was not completely convincing, the two quickly joined forces and founded Löwenzahn Organics. Since summer 2017, the company has been producing cereal porridge and dairy food according to the strictest organic standards and Qualitätsansprü̈chen – and is breaking new ground in the areas of production and transparency.


Brabantia has a very big heart for our planet. That’s why they developed the Bo, a waste bin that consists of 40 % recycled material and is itself 100 % recyclable. And because the Dutch think that sustainability and high-quality design belong together, the Bo also looks damn good and is available in eight colors.


Electric scooter sharing

The foundation of the electric scooter sharing company emmy in 2015 was based on the vision of Alexander Meiritz and Valerian to make urban mobility more sustainable and to create a future in which nobody has to own a vehicle. The electric scooters of the Berlin startup are available for short-term rent in the cities of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and, in partnership with the municipal utilities, also in Düsseldorf. Rental and localization of the vehicles take place via an app. After use, the scooter can be parked comfortably, without the long search for a parking space, and is immediately ready to be used by the next customer. emmy thus manages to counteract the noise and emission pollution in German cities. emmy takes care of recharging and replacing the replacement batteries so that the customer always encounters a scooter ready to drive. In addition, the vehicles are equipped with two helmets, so that nothing gets in the way of a trip for two.