BALLNACHT der Medienmacher

BALLNACHT der Medienmacher

Yesterday Evening the ball-night of the media-makers was held in an extraordinary event Location, the old city pool Oderberger. 

The ball-night which started with a talk followed  by the  ball party had German media-maker from  journalists, bloggers, moderators, speakers, producers, filmmakers and VJs, radio people, writers and copywriters. The Google Talk, which has been successfully organized by DJV Berlin for some time, was the prelude to the Lecture event. The focus of the well-established and always top-class panel discussion was this time the theme “The importance of press freedom. The following spoke: Paul Ronzheimer (pictured), Antonia Rados (RTL), Juliane Schäuble (daily mirror) and Wenzel Michalski (Human Rights Watch).

Organizer: Hybris und Hochkultur UG

Host: BALLNACHT der Medienmacher

Location: Stadtbad Oderberger Straße | Pool – Hotel Oderberger Berlin

Destination: Berlin, Germany