99Fire Films Award big anniversary

99Fire Films Award big anniversary

The 99FILMS AWARD not only honored the best young filmmakers and the most creative Video Content Creator from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But it also celebrated its big anniversary for its 9th year.

The 99FFA not only shows the content of Tomorrow but for the first time also gave the new generation of media professionals the chance to demonstrate their skills in the “360 degrees” category.

The prestigious awards are presented in the categories “Best Film”, “Best Camera”, “Best Idea” and “360 Degrees”.

The 99FIRE FILMS AWARD is the largest short film & content creators competition in the world, with more than 10,000 entries and more than 2,500 submissions per year. 99Films Award is considered to be a springboard for creative young talents in the digital moving-picture age. For film director like Adi Wojaczek (Best Picture winner 2015) who made it to this year’s shortlist for the world’s most important film award: THE OSCAR.

The ceremony was held during the Berlinale Film Festival, with guests from entertainment, media, business, politics, sports and celebrities at the Admiralpalast Berlin on the 16th February 2017.

Organizer: CAMPUS99 GmbH

Host: 99Fire Film Awards

Location: Admiralspalast Berlin

Destination: Berlin, Germany