12th Reemtsma Liberty Awards 2018

12th Reemtsma Liberty Awards 2018

The annual Reemtsma Liberty Awards was held at the Berlin Hotel de Rome last night.

This year the event was very exciting, due to the latest and shocking events!

The “Reemtsma Liberty Award” awards German-speaking correspondents who have rendered outstanding services abroad for the freedom of the press and society. The trophy, endowed with 15,000 euros, went to the Berlin journalist Michael Obert.

The jury praised Obert’s reportage “Die Menschfänger”(The human catchers) about traffickers in Libya (SZ Magazin). The award night was this time against the background of shocking events, such as the murder of two journalists in the EU Member States.

Barbara Schöneberger, who has been involved in “terre des hommes” for several years, was delighted with the 300 gala guests (including Sabin Tambrea, Alexandra Neldel, and Isa von Hardenberg) with cheerful love songs. And Günther Jauch was again the moderator of the evening at the start.